Megadoors are the perfect choice for aviation, mining and shipyard industries. With almost no limitation to size or configuration, vertical-lifting hangar doors are a great option for massive openings.

Shipyard doors

Shipyard doors form a durable barrier against coastal weather with high winds and corrosive conditions. With safe, sustainable and efficient operation, they meet the demands of large-scale manufacturing.

Aviation hangar door systems

Aviation hangar doors for the large and often very wide openings needed for aircraft can be a single door-leaf or multiple system, and be almost unlimited in size.

Mine doors

Mine doors face tough conditions with many opening cycles per day in harsh and dirty environments. To provide secure access to the gigantic haul trucks that serve the mining industry, they must function flawlessly.

Crane door systems

The ASSA ABLOY vertical-lifting fabric crane door from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems allows bridge cranes to pass easily and securely through your operation's entrance way, free of tight-squeezing side rooms, snagging old doors, and bumpy floor tracks.