High-speed, high-performance doors excel during intense operation and in demanding conditions. They can improve efficiency, safety and hygiene in applications with frequent openings and closings including manufacturing, cold storage and cleanrooms.

Interior doors

Interior high-speed doors are ideal for frequent opening while separating critical interior areas. Rapid speeds and advanced safety systems, combined with tight sealing and pressure resistance, help control environments and improve operations.

Exterior doors

Exterior high-speed doors combine rapid operation with tight sealing and high durability. Our high-speed fabric, metal and rubber doors offer optimal efficiency, flexibility and security for a wide variety of applications that require frequent openings.

Cold Storage and Freezer doors

Cold storage and freezer doors are extremely durable, allowing fast and efficient traffic. High operating speed in combination with tight sealing ensures excellent temperature control and provides energy savings. Sophisticated cellular insulation prevents build-up of frost and ice.

Food Processing doors

Food processing doors are designed for applications with high hygiene demands. A combination of high-speed operation and perfect sealing protects against drafts and humidity and helps keep out any contaminants. The doors require very little space and may be equipped with windows or vision panels to increase natural lighting.

Cleanroom doors

Cleanroom doors feature an almost airtight seal, which minimizes pressure drop and protects your environment against drafts, humidity, dust and dirt. The doors comply with international cleanroom standards and are certified the Fraunhofer Institute. They are ideal for cleanroom applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics and micro-mechanics industries.

Material handling doors

High-performance material handling doors separate processes, storage areas and conveyor belts in an energy-saving manner. While they allow a safe and rapid material flow, they also prevent drafts and help to absorb noise.